There is no better time for pampering. Indulge in one of these fabulous treatments, using our lovingly blended and exclusive Luxe Day Spa pregnancy bodycare range. Gentle and soothing.

Pre-natal pregnancy massage



Nurtures mother and baby in the most relaxing way possible. Designed to relieve tension and muscle fatigue using exclusive Mamma Mio products.

36 weeks pre-hospital treat



A 30 minute pre-natal massage, bikini wax plus a classic pedicure. Now you’re all ‘prepped’ and ready to go!

Post-natal massage



Up to four months after delivery your body still behaves as though it is pregnant. The ‘post-natal massage’ is a relaxing top-to-toe treatment to help realign and restore your body as it naturally adapts and returns to being ‘one person’ again. This is your healing hour and you’ve earned it.

All Mamma Mio products are available to purchase from the LUXE Day Spa reception